Naked and Hot! Will’s Trip to Spain

Group hug!

How did you feel about being invited to the Spain shoot?

I was very excited. I love going to new places that I haven’t been to before and it’s always a good laugh spending time with the rowing guys. It also gave me an excellent opportunity to work on my tan.

Is this your first visit to Spain? First visit to Costa del Sol?

I’ve been to Spain a few times before, visiting Barcelona and Mallorca. However it was my first time on the Costa del Sol.

What did you think the area would be like?

I had the impression Marbella was a very extravagant, wealthy town. It was a lot more relaxed and laid back than I anticipated and everyone we spoke to was very friendly.

What were your first impressions of the coast?

The coast was amazing. Especially the Atlantic coast as we had views of Morocco. However the sand was far too hot for our feet!

Spain Villa 31
Where did you do your first shoot? What was that like?

We were lucky enough to have access to a €30 million mansion for our first shoot. Very different to the student halls of residence I’ve been living in all year at Warwick. The views were simply stunning as I’m sure you’ll see in some of the calendar shots!

Spain Villa 122
What other places did you visit for shoots?

We visited the Atlantic coast for one day of shooting. We caused a bit of a stir on the beach by running around in the buff. We also went to some local hills near Angus’ apartment which had recently been charred by a forest fire, leading to some cool looking trees.

Spain Trees 91
Which location did you like best?

My personal favourite was the villa. The infinity pool overlooked the coast which was amazing. We definitely felt as if we were living the high life.

Spain Pool 15
What did you do in your free time?

Most of our spare time was spent in the pool or eating. Tom spent the majority of his time researching facts for his ever popular ‘Facts with Tom’ edition of the Warwick Rowers Snapchat. We did visit a couple of the local clubs in the evenings and had a very good time.

Is there anything you didn’t have time to do and wish you had? Any place you’d really like to visit another time?

I think we got a good range of shots in different locations considering the amount of time we had. If I came back I’d definitely like to spend more time in the sea, although maybe not naked next time as those jellyfish looked dangerous!

Spain Group 65
Shooting in Spain is a fairly new location for the calendar – what do you think it adds to the images and the enjoyment of making the calendar?

Having new locations is always a good idea for calendar shooting. It creates a real depth in the photographs. It definitely makes it a lot nicer for the guys as it’s actually quite pleasant being naked when its 34 degrees!

Download our Spain film and enjoy some fun in the sun with us!

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  1. Chris - April 7, 2016 at 12:55 am Reply

    Stunning images, as usual. Spain can only be better off for these guys running around in the nude 🙂

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