About Us



The Warwick Rowers project is a social enterprise and gay/straight alliance that dates back to 2009, when our first calendar was launched. 


Producer Angus Malcolm and generations of male rowers at the University of Warwick Boat Club have since achieved global recognition through a fundraising initiative and public awareness campaign that delivers a range of products to around 80 countries every year and reaches more than 140 countries through its viral messaging. 


The team has won a large number of awards for excellence, innovation and social impact, including twice being voted the UK Charity Calendar of the Year. We aim to achieve three things through our calendars, films and other products:


  • to promote positive, inclusive and respectful attitudes towards people of all genders and sexualities through the content that we create
  • to fund university rowing and particularly to make rowing more accessible to a wider number of students
  • to fund the ongoing development of Sport Allies, a registered charity with a mission to promote sport, and particularly team sport, as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone


All profits generated by the Warwick Rowers project through sales of Warwick Rowers products are donated to the Warwick Rowers Charitable Trust for distribution according to our charitable objectives (see our Five Point Charter below).


Please note that the Warwick Rowers project is an independent social enterprise that works in collaboration with male rowers and alumni of the University of Warwick Boat Club.  Although a long-standing and significant donor to the rowing programme at Warwick University, Warwick Rowers functions completely independently of the University of Warwick, Warwick Sport and Warwick Student Union.  


Sport Allies


Sport Allies is an independent registered charity (Registered Charity No. 1169945) funded by a minimum of 20% of profits from all Warwick Rowers products. The organisation grew directly out of the success of the Warwick Rowers calendar, inspired by the public response to its straight allies against homophobia message. The role of Sport Allies is to promote sport, and especially team sport, as an inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone. We are particularly keen to promote team sport for people who are excluded on the grounds of gender or sexuality. You can read more about Sport Allies here.



The Warwick Rowers Five Point Charter


1. We aim to be a sustainable fundraising project through creating quality products that offer good value to our supporters. We always welcome feedback on how we can improve any aspect of what we offer.


2. All featured athletes in the Warwick Rowers calendar and related products are currently or have previously been members of the men's rowing team at the University of Warwick.  In the future, this may expand to include other volunteer athletes from beyond Warwick and beyond rowing.


3. The athletes who appear in the Warwick Rowers calendar and its associated products do so on a voluntary and unpaid basis. No athlete has ever been paid for appearing in any of our content.


4. The Warwick Rowers project uses nudity as a relevant and effective means to deliver messages about gender and sexual equality. We also aim to respect the diverse culture in which we live, and are aware that some people may find nudity offensive. We therefore limit nudity in content that we believe may be viewed involuntarily in public or social spaces and free to view media.


5. All profits from sales of Warwick Rowers products go to The Warwick Rowers Charitable Trust, a UK charitable trust (registration pending).  The Trust then decides how to disburse these funds in line with our core objectives to challenge homophobia in sport, challenge gender imbalance in sport, promote sport as a more inclusive opportunity for personal development and university sports participation.