This year we discovered an extraordinary garden in the southernmost part of Spain that was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.  Created by a grieving mother to celebrate the life of a daughter who died young, the garden is a testament to what we can achieve with love.  What better place, we thought, for us to do our WR18 Spain shoot!  With a lot of help from our friends, a total of twelve rowers made their way down to this remote location for a whole week of shooting. Some of you will already have seen a few glimpses of the results on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are all incredibly excited by the images from this shoot, and we are sure you will be too.  It also gave us all more time to sit down in this almost spiritual place and talk about what Warwick Rowers and Sport Allies mean to all of us. What we planned as a shoot became something much more, and a truly magical experience for everyone involved.


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