The Warwick Rowers’ Favourite Destinations 2016


My Favourite Destination - New York City by Tom

New York is probably one of, if not the most, famous cities in the world, which means as you walk around you are constantly recognising places from movies and popular culture. There is so much to do around the city and so much going on that you will never be bored. We spent hours everyday just walking round and visiting places that we’d seen countless times in various films and TV shows. I love holidays where you spend time on the beach relaxing, but for me there is something special about exploring a city, because you completely forget any stresses you may have from work/exams as you are completely absorbed into a different culture.

When I went, I was lucky enough to go to the Grand Central Oyster Bar, which is one of the most famous restaurants in Manhattan and also the oldest restaurant in Grand Central Station - it opened in 1913. I would definitely recommend going there as from what I remember (I was only about 10 or 11 when I went) the food was great and it's really cool inside, plus the atmosphere is great. It would be the ideal place to take someone for a romantic date!

Grand Central Oyster Bar

Grand Central Oyster Bar

It’s hard to recommend one thing to do as there is so much to do and if you only have a limited time I would recommend just getting a street map and walking round as it’s very hard to get lost as, unlike London, the streets are well organised and I think walking round a city is the best way to see it. However, if I was to recommend one it would be to take a helicopter ride around Manhattan. We went on a beautifully clear spring day and the views were simply incredible.

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