Warwick Rowers Message to Trump/Pence and the World’s Leaders

We wanted to say thank you for the amazing support that you have shown us and Sport Allies again this year. Thank you!

Although we have a lot to be grateful for this season, we have also witnessed growing resentment of minority and LGBT rights around the world.  So three of us went to Westminster, the seat of British government, to send a naked Christmas message to world leaders. 

Please share this message across all of your social media channels and help us get the message out. 

We are the Warwick Rowers.

Cian: And this is Westminster, our country’s main seat of power. It’s London, it’s December and it’s not that warm BUT

Lucas: We are here because we have a message for the new leadership team in the United States and for all leaders around the world.

Tom: As straight allies, we believe that everyone should have the same human rights, regardless of gender or sexual identity.

Cian: And as athletes, we believe that sport can play a vital role in creating an inclusive, healthy and happy world for everyone.

Lucas: This year, as every year, we have shed our clothes as a symbol of breaking down barriers, a demonstration of the contribution that sport can make to health and wellbeing [one or more guys flexes their guns, tenses their abs, etc], and as a reminder that we are all equals in this challenging journey called life.

Tom: So, President Elect Trump and Vice President Elect Pence, we’re sending you our world famous calendar. In it, as here, we stand naked in front of the world to do what we can to make a difference.

Cian: In turn, we call on you, and everyone else in positions of power, to stand before the world and show your commitment to equality, inclusion and human rights.

Lucas: And you don’t even have to get naked. We’ve already done that bit for you.