Warwick Rowers Defy YouTube Restriction

As some of your may know, YouTube has blocked our latest free promo video from being seen by anyone under 18.  Our boys, Tristan and Tom, along with our producer & photographer Angus Malcolm, were invited onto Sunrise, Australia’s most popular breakfast TV show, to discuss our shock and disappointment at YouTube’s decision.

After taking a very candid look at the video, the Sunrise hosts talked to Tom, Tristan and Angus about the challenges of shooting the calendar, its global popularity of the calendar and the importance of our mission to "show young people that team sport should be an inclusive place for everyone."

Angus made the point that it’s pretty difficult to get that message out to young people when YouTube is blocking them from seeing a video that Sunrise, by contrast, was happy to share with its family audience of all ages.

Since YouTube seems to be stuck in the Dark Ages, we’ve gone back to Vimeo.  That way, we can get on with the job of helping young LGBT people to come to terms with their identity in the healthiest possible way.