For any specific questions not answered then please get in touch via our contact page.

Are you a real rowing team?
LOL yes! Warwick Rowing (formerly University of Warwick Boat Club) was founded in 1966 and has been officially recognised as one of the university’s best sports clubs for its unique combination of accessibility and competition focus. Now on the verge of top tier status in British rowing, Warwick Rowing has produced some of the most outstanding rowers of recent years, including Tom Solesbury ( British Olympian and World Cup Championship medallist, Boat Race winner with Oxford in 2009) and Ben Ellison (2011 Boat Race winner with Oxford).
Why do you do a calendar?
Rowing is a really expensive sport, and we don’t get as much help with our costs as rowing clubs at other universities. This is mainly because, compared to other top tier universities, we are relatively new, and do not have large alumni bequests to fund sports activity. Back in 2009, our boats were dilapidated and we had no way of repairing them. We started the calendar as a way of literally keeping the club afloat! The success of the calendar has transformed the club.  Not only can we keep our boats in order, but we can make the sport available to a lot more students by reducing the costs to them. The calendar has also enabled us to make a financial contribution beyond our sport to Sport Allies.
Supporting Warwick Rowing
What products do you sell?
We sell a growing range of Warwick Rowers products featuring our men’s team. These include the print calendars, the “making of the calendar” films, and a range of digital stills downloads that include the calendar images themselves, bonus images and, of course, our limited edition coffee table book. 
Why do you want to write to me?
Two reasons. Firstly, we want to be able to let you know when we bring out something that might interest you. Also, support is crucial to success in sport. It helps us as a team to be able to let you know when we’re doing well or, even more, when we need to be in your prayers!
Where do you sell your products?
We sell our products online at warwickrowers.org, so you’re in the right place, right now! And we deliver all over the world!!
Downloads and Deliveries
Why can’t I get the film as a DVD?
We decided long ago that the simplest way of getting our films to people was via downloads. DVDs are expensive to make, particularly the BluRay format that would be required to show our films, which are produced in full 4K. We also recognise that people may want to play our films across a range of devices, and our format allows the films to be played on smartphones, tablets, computers and media servers.
Why is there a copyright notice on some of my digital downloads?
We want to give our customers the best possible versions of our digital content, optimised for clear viewing on high resolution displays. Unfortunately, we have had experiences in the past where this content has been posted in public forums for people to download. We want everyone to understand that, while we share lots of free content publicly, our high resolution content is only for people who support our club and our charity. These notices are there to remind people of that, but we do try to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

Why have my downloads disappeared?

Our downloads are not offered on a streaming or "on demand" basis like Netflix.  Our films and bonus pack purchases are not time limited - supporters can keep them forever - but we do limit the number of downloads.  In part, this is to avoid excessive bandwidth charges but mainly it is to curb illegal sharing.  When we moved to our new site, the system automatically deleted access to purchases where the permitted number of downloads had already been reached.  If you have a genuine problem with lost content - for example through a broken hard drive - please contact us.  We will always aim to restore genuine purchases!
Digital downloads
As with all websites there can on the odd occasion be an issue when downloading the films or images, so we have a few troubleshooting tips for you to try.
  • As our films are presented to you in high quality we recommend you use a download programme that will pause and restart if you experience any loss of connection or buffering. We suggest the free JDownloader, however there are many others.
  • For viewing our content, whilst the viewers that come with your device are ok, we have found the free “VLC Viewer” to produce great results in playback.
  • Occasionally you may find the links in your purchase email stop working, don’t worry, you can find the download links to all your purchases on your account page when you log in.
All our “physical” products are distributed from a state of the art distribution centre here in the UK. They are all dispatched via worldwide carriers and packaged to ensure they are received by you in tip top condition. Due to local customs regulations and checks in the country of delivery your order may be delayed in reaching you. Should you have not received your goods within 14 days from the date of order then please get in touch via our contact page so we can investigate.
Charity and Sport Allies
When I buy your products, where does my money go?
Briefly, the money is divided between production costs, supporting the club in its sporting activity, and supporting Sport Allies. 
So is this a student project or a professional enterprise?
What started as a small volunteer project has grown into a flourishing social enterprise where professionals and students work together in a relationship that combines volunteering, mentoring and work experience, and this is something that we are all very proud of! 
So how much goes to good causes?
100% of profits go to recognised charities.  Of course there are costs involved in creating, manufacturing, promoting and distributing the extensive range of high quality products we now offer, but we adhere to the principles of social enterprise to deliver maximum profits for good causes.